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Company Consent Info

I authorise Community Kids Club CIC to administer any prescribed medicines to my child at the agreed time as stated by the doctor. I understand that no medicine may be administered without the Medication Administration Form being completed in each individual instant.

I must inform the club of any allergies


I am happy for my child to have sunscreen applied by Community Kids Club CIC and I will supply the cream to be used. I will provide a bottle of sunscreen labelled with my child’s name for use at the club. If my child doesn’t have sun cream that day, I give my consent to use sun cream from Community Kids Club CIC, as they do not have any allergies to this.



I hereby agree that during the care of my child, the Management of Community Kids Club CIC or their nominee may take photographs / record videos of my child, which may be used to promote the company. The photographs/ videos will be used for the purpose of advertising in a local paper, on the company website, social media sites, our Interactive learning diary application and sites internal and external displays. They may also be used as evidence for staff training and for evidence required by OFSTED or to complete course work. No other use will be granted.


I hereby agree to you contacting the relevant authorities should you suspect any kind of child abuse without prior     consultation. I also agree to the child protection policy, which the club operates. I have read and understand the policy fully.         



Community Kids Club CIC GDPR data protection form can be located in our policies and procedures, and also on our company website .I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the privacy notice for Employees, Children and Parents.                                                                                                        


I understand and agree to the Uncollected child policy, and accept the consequences if I fail to collect my child, or arrange for an appropriate adult to collect my child. I am aware that Social Services will be called for failure to collect my child.                                                                                                                                                                              


I hereby agree to the Management and staff of Community Kids Club CIC to administer any emergency treatment necessary for my child. This could also include contacting the emergency services, should the situation prevail, or transport to emergency care if we feel this would be the best option for your child. Please advise of any cultural or religious beliefs, should we need to contact the emergency services.


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