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Booking Sessions

How do l book sessions?

Complete and return the enclosed session request form to Maxine Thompson-Curl at Community Kids Club

If you have any queries please contact Maxine on 07950 42 11 83 or email We can then provide you with the necessary forms and confirm availability.


Availability of sessions?

We provide a popular service and so sessions can be oversubscribed. We do have availability for all sessions at the moment but cannot guarantee

sessions will always be available. Tuesday and Wednesday after school sessions are very popular and invariably oversubscribed so please contact us as early as possible to book your place. We do operate a waiting list.


When will the sessions I require be confirmed?

We offer sessions on a first come/first served basis. We will contact you within 2 working days of receiving your request form and advise on






Payment of Fees for Term Time Sessions

Once your term time sessions are confirmed, your annual fee is calculated. This takes into account a reduction for the days we do not operate during term time – such as bank holidays, in-service days and polling days.

We will provide you with an invoice for the annual fees split into 11 equal monthly amounts. This monthly amount is payable on the 1st of each month.


How do l pay?

We prefer that fees are paid by bank transfer or standing order. However we also accept  cash if you advise us in advance that this is your preferred method of payment.

Details will be send in welcome letter

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?

Yes! As an OFSTED registered childcare provider we can register with all childcare vouchers employee schemes. Please advise us of the scheme details and we will do the rest.


Can l claim Tax Credits?

Yes you can. Please speak to Maxine for further advice.


Do l get a refund if l cancel or my child doesn’t attend?

Regretfully no. We do not offer a refund if your child does not attend a session through sickness, holiday etc


Can l swap sessions?

We cannot offer a swap service as there is unlikely to be availability. Please contact us if you need an additional session.


What happens if l want to change my sessions during the year?

Please let us know as far in advance as possible. If there is availability for the sessions you require you simply change them at the beginning of the next month. An up to date statement will be prepared and your new monthly fee calculated.


What happens if l want to stop my sessions?

One month’s notice must be given. An up to date statement will be prepared and any monies owed requested or any monies owing refunded.

Can l book occasional sessions?

Only if there is availability and we can continue to operate within our staffing ratios. Please call us as far in advance as possible to confirm. We will always accommodate as far as we are able.


How do l pay for occasional sessions?

These sessions must be paid for either in advance using the payment methods above. An additional charge of £1.50 per session is payable.


What if l can’t afford to pay monthly?

Please contact us. We can break payments down to weekly amounts on request. However these payments can ONLY be made by bank transfer or standing order.


How do l pay for holiday camp?

Holiday Camp sessions must also be paid for in advance using the payment methods outlined above.

Session request forms will be available in advance and invoices issued.


What happens if l miss a payment?

Regretfully if payment is not received by 1st of the month or the next working day (if falling on a weekend or bank holiday), then we will not accept responsibility for the care of your child.

Please contact us in advance if for any reason payment will not be received as expected. We can then discuss options.

If payment is not made within a reasonable period the regretfully sessions will be offered to those on our waiting list.

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